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electric shock / pins and needles sensation 24 days after epidural


i had an epidural when i had my baby 24 days ago, due to needing forceps / threatened c section as he was so big (10 lbs 7). after the epidural my legs were obviously numb but that wore off quickly but i was left initially with a pins and needles feeling in both upper legs, in time this wore off (so i wondered if it was from the strain of labour), but i still have a pins and needles / electric shock senstaion (only if i touch it) on my outer left thigh, (pins and needles feeling there always). The sensation level varies and seems worse if i am cold or after a hot bath..... is this normal and will it ever completely disapear. It is not painful so to speak, just annoying but it is definetly worse if i am cold so i am dreading winter if cold effects it.
anyone else expereinced issues after an epidural?


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