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orgasm after c section??

So of course the dr told us to wait for my 4-6 week checkup to make sure everything looked ok before we could have sex again.
He didn't mention anything about foreplay and I'm too embarrassed to call the office and ask. But what if I were to have an orgasm another way?? Do you think it would do any harm?? Has anyone ever specifically been told one way or another about orgasms after a c section??
I'm just afraid something will tighten up in there too much and screw up the stitches or something. I don't know.
All I know is I was cuddling with my husband last night and got really turned on for the first time in a while and I had to think about other stuff to keep myself from jumping him. LOL

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Hehe me too.. I was all over OH this weekend... we had "fun" limited obviously.

IDK I never had a c-section. I know your uterus is contracting anyhow to get down to size. So my guess is it would not hurt you. But, I am no Doctor...

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I wasn't told that.

I had an elective section and dtd, I was worried it would hurt my stomach but it really didn't and I've been fine since.

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I was really sick with an infection for quite awhile after my c-section, lol and when I was feeling up to anything I got my first AF

So I didn't get down to business really until around 7 weeks.

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I doubt it would really make a difference.
When you orgasm, your uterus contracts... and it does that while Bf'ing as well! So I'm sure if it was an issue, then people that have had sections would be told not to bf!

I'm assuming you'd be fine hun!

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Well I had sex a week after my section, We have always had sex often and it didnt change after having the baby, I didnt find it hurt and my scar is perfectly fine!

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