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I feel like my stitches aren't there...?

I'm almost 2 weeks pp and I had a 1st degree tear and only a few stitches. In the last few days I've felt the tear with my fingers, and (sorry if tmi) it feels like there's a slit there and it seems like it isn't stitched...I don't think my stitches tore, but I'm wondering if they dissolved before I healed? Anyone else have something similar happen?

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Can you look at it with a mirror?

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They have probably dissolved x

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The stitches they use dissolve rather quickly, so it's not uncommon for some or all of them to disappear before you're done healing. About half of mine were gone by two weeks, and I still had quite a bit of healing to do. I'm now one month pp and mostly healed. I still have one big cut that's open, but only at the surface.

Just keep up with your aftercare. You should be using a peri bottle to clean off when you go to the bathroom, change your pad frequently, etc. Taking a sitz bath once or twice a day makes a big difference. And try to take it easy if if you can. Big movements will reopen tears.

Unless you have signs of infection, your OB or midwife probably won't do anything. They don't restitch tears or cuts. Apparently they only stitch them in the first place to stop bleeding. They'll heal on their own just fine the vast majority of the time.

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