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Post partum birth control: mirena or paragrd?

Trying to decide between one of these two IUDs. I'm leaning more towards the para gard because its hormone free and my skin is already a nightmare right now because of the hormones I already got going on. It also lasts up to ten years while mirena is only five. Just wanted to see what you ladies thought and if any of you girls have either!

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i have had both. with the mirena i bled non stop for 5 months then had it out. i never had a period and fell pregnant 4 months later, still without having a normal period which i didn't even think was possible. i had the mirena after years of having the paragard one. i had no problems with it except my periods were heavy. they were still regular and lasted 5 days but was 5 days of heavy bleeding. i switched to the mirena because i knew for most people it stops their periods all together, but i had horrible headaches and bled constantly - too much to be considered spotting but not enough to be like a normal period. i gave it 5 months but as there was no improvement i had it out and decided to try for a baby. my lo is now 7 months old and i have gone back to the paragard coil and have no regrets on it.

in my personal experience i wouldn't touch a mirena one again, but i know lots of people love it!

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I have the mirena and love it. My doctor also prescribed me BC pills to stop the bleeding which it did. I've had it for nearly five months now and only had one period. It doesn't break me out, my moods are normal, and everything is just normal. I absolutely love it and will be getting it again after my next baby.

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I love my paragard

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I got the Mirena put in in April of this year. I bled non stop for the first 4 months which is pretty typical. I didn't really mind that a whole lot because my doctor warned me aout it and said it would eventually stop, which it did. But in the last 3-4 months I have been having a lot of symptoms (didn't even realize they were symptoms until it got bad) I have a constantly bloated tummy, frequent watery discharge, bad cramps when I do bleed, my hair falls out in clumps, and I have TERRIBLE mood swings and anxiety. So much so that I just don't feel like myself anymore . I also lost ALL of my libido.

I know this isn't everyones experience, and some people love mirena. But after doing some looking around on line, I found that a lot of women have these terrible side effects. I am going to be getting mine removed and DH and I have decided that we don't want anymore foreign bodies inside me or hormones (I never did well with BC pills), so we will be using natural family planning along with condoms. I know, not the best, but I want to get my life back.

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im getting fitted for the Mirena next week.
Mainly to help with my hormonal imbalance but obviously for birth control too.
i have bad symptoms like you say but its because i have too much estrogen and not enough progesterone. ya never know, depending on the hormones, some can actually help...though i know for others it makes it worse. I have endometriosis too so im looking forward to not having super painful heavy and long periods!
im not typically a fan of hormones, though, so if i didn't have those issues i would probably get the copper IUD. im avoiding that one also bc they can make your periods super heavy and more painful, which obviously someone in my position would not benefit from but maybe you would. could always get it and if you dont like it, get it taken out. One of my BNB friends has the copper IUD and she loves it. she said it hasn't made her periods any different.

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