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Pain after having a urinary catheter? Anyone?? X

Hello ladies I hoping someone can help me as Iv spoken to my doctor and they wernt very helpful.

My LO is now nearly 13 weeks old so I thought the problem would have gone by now but it hasn't. I was induced due to GD and ended up needing a epidural as I had hypersensitive contractions that were the most painful thing I have ever felt. Before I had an epidural I asked the midwife to put me to sleep as it was so bad lol.

I had a urinary catheter fitted because of the epi but ever since Iv had it removed Iv had pain, spasms and a kind of numbness in my clitoral area. It's worse when I first wake up and the pain/discomfort feels like its on the outside or near to it rather than deep inside.

I don't have any pain or problems going to the toilet so I don't know what it could be and wondered if anyone had experienced anything similar.

Many thanks in advance xxx

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Yes I had this! I still get it occasionally now and my LO is 4 months. So painful and nothin makes the pain go away does it, right in the vaginal area. I haven't had it for a while now thinkin about it but I thought it was something to do with the catheter because when they were puttin it in it hurt and its the same pain as when they were puttin it in. I didn't go to the GP about it so not got much advice but if it carries on, maybe visit your GP? I tended to get it more when I had a full bladder aswell xx

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Never had this with mine sorry

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I had something similar, it felt like a lot of pressure when I would wee or squat down. I don't think it was quite the same as you describe though. I just wanted to say it took a while but it went away completely - I haven't felt it for a few months now. I asked my MW too and she had no idea what I meant

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I have the EXACT same pain! I'm only 3 1/2 weeks pp though. good to hear other people have this but not so good to hear it lasts so long !

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Yep I still get it sometimes and LO is nearly 4 months. I asked my mum as she's a midwife and she also had no idea what it was.

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yep i had that with my daughter almost feels bruised, it didnt go for 18 months, i was actually scared to do anything 'stimulating' with my partner sexually because it hurt so much.

This time when they said they had to catheter (they forgot to get a wee sample before breaking my waters ) i actually cried and told them what happened. they said they had no idea why it would hurt like that and for so long....who knows, just one of those things..But this time it hasnt hurt at all!.

I do hope yours gets better, mine did, but dont expect too much too soon x

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