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How has your body changed since having a baby?

Was just reading another thread about weight loss after pregnancy and it got me thinking about how my body has changed since Logan was born...I dont think it will ever be 'normal' again, i had issues with my body before i got pregnant. I was obsessed about weight and had eating disorders. Since Logan has been born i've actually embraced my new body and it doesn't bother me too much...I was so worried when i was pregnant that my new body would trigger my eating disorder off again, but its done the opposite and made me appreciate what my body can do!

I was 140lbs pre pregnancy
166lbs at 37 weeks
Back to 140lbs the day after i gave birth and now i'm at 137lbs

Pics (Sorry about the quality, had to take a photo of a photo to put on photobucket)

Pre pregnancy:

40 weeks:

5 months PP:

It looks like i have a scar running across my belly but its just a fold i think :/

Share your body changes if you feel comfortable doing so

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I don't have pics to share, but I tried on a dress I last wore 6 months before getting pregnant, I tried to do the zip up but there was a 4"/10cm gap at the top! I don't look much bigger because there's no added fat but my ribs have spread. So have my hips- my old jeans get stuck mid thigh. I have stretch marks all over my thighs. And the obvious- I have a c section scar now!

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Yes exact same! My rib she feels like its spread! If I feel m breast bone it feels like its not as close together!! Do your bones ever close back together?!

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I can't say I've embraced my new body, but I can understand you on the eating disorder situation. Been going through the same thing and was worried I wouldn't be able to handle my after birth body. Unfortunatly I was right and I really can't! I've got back into stupid routines and I know it's so not worth it! But I'm glad you've come through it all and have accepted your body, be proud of yourself! You are beautiful and your body truly is stunning! Xx

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Larger back size on bra, wider hips and gigantic feet!

There is a facebook group that says something like stretch marks are our tiger stripes we get from our babies and i have to embrace that! Because no one ever told me you get them on your thighs!!!

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I think you look great after a baby! And back to pre-pregnancy weight the day after your LO was born?? What is your secret!

Pre-pregnancy I was 11 stone 3 lbs and a size 14 on top and a size 12/14 on bottom.
When I was pregnant, I was 14 stone 8 lbs!
Day after LO arrived (who was 10 stone 2.5 lbs at birth!), I was 13 st 6 lbs.
Now I am 12 stone 1 lb, back to size 12/14 on bottom but 14/16 on top due to my belly. I had a c-section and my hips and stomach have stretched a lot which make me feel really crap about myself .
I am working to get down to 10 stone 7 lbs at the moment.


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I put on 4 stone during pregnancy and have only just lost over half of it. My body looked better a week after giving birth than it does now. My belly is wobbly and I'm not sure I will ever get that back. And I seemed to have got alot of stretch marks since giving birth- not sure how that is possible I am back at weight watchers now so hopefully normality will be restored soon

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