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3 weeks after a second degree tear

It's been three weeks since my vbac and a second degree tear. I've had a look and it looks all normal down there. Can't see a scar or anything different. So I touched my perineum and its very tender. Is that normal? How long til it feels normal? Also with a second degree tear to perineum is there anything into the vagina? Or is it all just on the outside?? I remember the midwife saying it was second degree but not very deep. Don't know what that means and didn't think to ask details at the time.

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Mum (Mom)
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With my 1st I had a second degree tear, it was tender until just before my 6 week appointment. We tried to dtd after my appointment and even though it didn't seem tender it was sore afterwards. A week later we tried again and it was fine

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i was tender for about 6 months and still hurts during sex now

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Mine extended into the vag both times but it can just be perineum. it will all be fine in time hun. i must admit after dd1 sex hurt for about 5 months but was fine after 8 weeks 2nd time

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Mine was sore until maybe 3 months. Not terribly sore and it was healed perfectly (wasn't a very serious 2nd degree tear either), but just the vaginal opening in general was tender. It's much better now.

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I had three 2nd degree tears And just had an ultrasound today confirming lasting damage. I am being referred for physio now

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