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Recovering after big loss of blood...

I really upset myself yesterday Aiden is 6 days old today...anyway I was so desperate to put him in his pushchair for the first time and walk round to my mums...the midwife said no and said if I was to go I'd need someone to walk with me as I'd lost a LOT of blood during labour and wasn't yet fully recovered.

Anyway I thought I felt fine...spent hours getting everything together, getting the pram set up, got him fed and changed and dressed up, mum came round to help me walk to hers....and I got out the door and literally halfway down the road and they had to escort me back home again because I almost collapsed

I'm on iron tablets so I'm assuming it's the blood loss making me feel like this? How long does it take to feel back to normal again? I was SO ILL I thought I was going to collapse, I felt like the life had been drained out of me. I couldn't feel my hands or my face!

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Hey, congrats on baby

I lost a lot of blood when I had Jacob, and tbh it did take a little while to feel 100%. Saying that, I only left hospital after 6 days, and needed 2 blood transfusions, as they said it would take too long to heal otherwise. Keep taking the iron tablets, and eat as much iron rich food as you can.

Just rest as well, I felt really tired all the time (obv with a new baby, but the iron levels really don't help). Don't rush yourself into doing too much, you've been through a lot! Get as much help as you can with the baby too, so you have time to properly get better and if you feel able to pop out for a little bit, just make sure there's someone with you.

I started feeling better after a couple of weeks I think.Make sure you eat and drink enough low blood pressure wont help!

Hope you feel better soon

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I lost almost a litre of blood during and just after delivery. Was borderline for a transfusion but got put on iron instead. I felt totally drained for about 10 days and then started to feel a bit better. Make sure you rest as much as possible, drink orange juice with each meal as it helps with iron absorption, and don't feel bad if you can't be too active. It's only now I'm starting to feel up to going out alone!

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Hi there

I also lost a bit (well according to the health visitor anyway) - almost a litre and iron levels dropped from 12.8 to 8 or something like that. I am slowly starting to feel better but obviously the lack of sleep doesnt help and yesterday I was really knackered from a short walk. Today I feel better though - me and OH went to bed at 9pm last when LO went to sleep - slept until he woke at 1230 - and then asleep again 130-500. We even managed 700-900 after much feeding and changing after 500. It sounds like so much sleep......!! Just found I really needed it as probably only getting 3/4 hours a night since before he was born as stayed in hospital when being induced as well. My only advice is try not to be too hard on yourself...if you're anything like me you want to be as normal as possible and not be stuck in the house but I'm trying to accept that it may well be like that for a few more weeks until my body has really started to recover. Just think of everything your body has been through in the last nine months but particularly the last couple of weeks - try to rest as much as possible when you can.

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I don't think I lost alot of blood in my delivery - even though it did look like someone had been murdered in the room lol.

However I had my baby last friday too. And today is the first day out the house since - we went into town as I wanted to go to Mama's and papas and felt like I could try and venture out. Big mistake. I could hardly walk and just had no energy and can't ever remember feeling like this, my back feels like it was kicked in. I think just labour really does take its toll and only rest will help us recover...

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Same thing happened to me hun...almost got a transfusion but I refused it...and I'm fine...I had my baby 3 weeks ago and now is that I feel 90% better...I thought it was 100% until I went shopping with my OH last weekend and walk around for hours and felt like absolutely crap
So who knows babe...just take it easy...the first week is the worse...
Congratulations BTW!!!!!!!!!!!!

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the midwife has me stay home for ten days after gracie was born, because they were concerned about a secondary heamorrhage. she's almost three weeks old now and i'm still not 100%, but i've been out a few times and the fresh airs done me good (unlike the first time when it hit me like a brick!)
just take it easy. wait a few more days for some colour in your cheeks and then try a short stroll 'round the block.

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i lost a shit load of blood
and stupidly refused a transfusion
(long story) but it took me a good
few weeks to return to normal keep
taking the iron tablets and drink lots too
and hopefully you'll be out and about in
no time and congrats on the baby


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