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Butt Problems: Hemorrhoids and fissures

TMI Warning!

So I had no problems with hemorrhoids or anything during pregnancy but afterward, definitely. And I was so constipated that I couldn't even sit straight. Once I finally had the big dreaded postpartum poo, I felt alright. But it's been 14 months and I still feel tears and have some bleeding after a bowel movement. It doesn't matter how soft it is. I'm sure I could stand to have more water and fiber in my diet more recently. But for the first 12 months I did great with eating healthy and still had this happen. So my question is, is it normal for it to last this long? Am I the only one struggling here? Is it totally fixable? It's not a huge issue I guess but definitely not fun.

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I'm going through the exact same thing and it's horrible, also never suffered in pregnancy. I tend to get fissures once every couple months (suffered from it many years ago so very aware when I get one) which remains for a couple weeks. I keep meaning to go to my doctors about it, but can't help but put it off out of embarrassment.

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I had this issue for about a year after my first pregnancy. I still have hemorrhoids, but they don't bother me or cause pain so I leave them alone. The fissure, however, was absolutely horrible!!! What helped me eventually was taking magnesium tablets religiously for a few months and really focusing on staying relaxed through a bm, putting my feet on a stool, not straining at all etc. Once my poos were consistently soft the fissure began to properly heal and I haven't had pain or bleeding in that region for a long time, even through my second pregnancy.

I know it can be miserable (there were certainly days for me when the pain from the fissure was so bad I just cried after going to the bathroom ) so I really hope you find some relief soon!

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I've been wondering whether to post this thread!
I've an awful fissure that appeared about 3 weeks after birth
It's awful & I'm scared to go to the toilet!

Now I'm terrified it's never going to go away 😫 xx

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I have experienced the same thing. I am guessing that pregnancy has weakened the tissues in the area of the anus...ugh I hate that word. Anyhow, I talked to my OBGYN about this and he prescribed me a special cream that works wonder and really fast. May wanna check with your doc.

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I know this isn't the same. But in 2008 I had somehow gotten e.coli poisoning and ended up almost bleeding out from the bum. (TMI!) It was so irritated and torn up from the massive amounts of blood, pressure and bacteria that I was left with a "sensitive rectum". That took about 12-18 months to go back to normal. But while it was healing I'd bleed almost every time I had a normal bowel movement. It would either tear, or bleed, or I'd have pink/bloody mucus. (again, sorry tmi). I was just told that the trauma to the bum area took a real big toll on me, and it'll take time to heal.

Its all good now. And not even something I think about now (or feel). I hope you start to feel better!! Sometimes if I had a superficial tear, I'd put a little Vaseline on it.

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I'm the same and have had these for about 6-7 years. A majority of the time I'm absolutely fine, and then it suddenly flares up again, which has been the case for the last three days. This time pretty bad in that the water in the toilet turned red, not just on the tissue!

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