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Post Partum Hair Loss

Please tell me I'm not the only one losing hair by the handful!

I never got that super fluffy full hair when pregnant, I always continued losing hair at the normal rate, with both DS and DD. After DS, I had a pretty major shed. But this seems waaaay worse.

I have had to use the liquid plumber hair clog so many times already (it's the only one that will clear it). My hair is noticeably thinner. I am constantly vacuuming up the hair and it's really gnarly in the vacuum. Like, I'm afraid I'm going to kill the vacuum (yet my shark just keeps on chugging, I love the shark...but that's another post).

I love long hair and really want mine to be long and feminine, but I am thinking of chopping it all off now, it is so thin and the shed hairs are so long, and they are everywhere! You can't put dryer sheets in cloth diapers, so they are coming out with shed hairs like sticking to them like magnets.

Anyone else dealing with this? Am I mad for wanting to cut my hair?

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Have you had your thyroid levels checked recently? I know I tend to lose a lot more hair when my medication dosage is too low.

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