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Will I ever feel completely normal again?

Sorry tmi!

I'm 7 months pp and had a fairly traumatic 33 hr labor by induction, 3 hours of pushing with a forcep assisted delivery and 2nd degree tear. Although I am healed I still do not feel right at all. My scar is kind of numb, my clitoral region is still weird (it hurts if I close my legs too hard or of my husband touches) plus the hemorrhoids I got still flare up from time to time. Nothing is extremely painful and I know I'm fine its just I wanna know if I'll go back to feeling completely normal again.

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Sorry to hear you're having difficulties. As far as I am aware the haemorrhoids can be entirely normal still.

I'm not sure that the pain and numbness you describe is normal this far on though. It may be worth going to your gp for a quick chat about what you're experiencing. It is a very intimate and personal area and you shouldn't expect to have to just 'put up with it' whether it's related to childbirth or not.

I hope you get things sorted soon.

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The hemorrhoids issues lasted over a year for me. Now thats not to say they hurt all the time - I was just waaayyy more prone to flareups. Even now, they are totally deflated, but they just barely hang out a teeny, tiny bit. They'll never go away, but I don't notice them at all. I just know they're there from washing in the shower.

The clitoral issues, mine didn't feel normal for about 6 months to a year. I was pushing for 2 hrs 45mins, and tore slightly. So I'm sure all the pressure from childbirth traumatized my nether region a bit. It's felt normal and like it used to for quite awhile now, and my son will be 2 in July.

Childbirth is the gift that keeps on giving. It took me awhile to get all back to normal, but if you feel you need to talk to a dr., then go for it. It never hurts to get checked out, or at least ask.

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