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Haematoma on caesarian wound

I had an elective section last Thursday, recovery has mostly been fine. Have been well and as a consequence of doing a bit too much, on Monday I had some bleeding from one side of the wound. It stopped fairly quickly and midwife was happy it was just a capillary bleed. I've developed a soft swelling and an impressive bruise. Been to have it checked by. A nurse practitioner this morning and she's confirmed a haematoma. It's not infected and she doesn't think it will affect healing but I'm under strict instructions now to take it easy and been told it could take 5-6 weeks to resolve.

Just wondering if anyone has any experience/ advice?
Constantly worrying now that it's going to open up :/

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Try to take it easy (as much as you can with a newborn!) It will harden quite quickly and shouldn't burst then will take a while to reduce in size. If I does open apply a clean cold swab/dressing/cloth on it and get an appointment with nurse or midwife for a dressing to reduce risk of infection xxx

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I had a lot of leaking from my wound, and I also had haematomas, though I think they were internal, I was put on antiobiotics, congrats X

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