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Horrible first period

My dd is 11 weeks old 3rd baby and I came on my period on Thursday its so painful still I'm taking pain killers and heat pads but it really cramps the bloods bright red and moderate flow with some clots in it too it's been 4 days and no sign of easing up I saw the gp who said to try the pill but any advice xxx

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I'm on the pill and my first PP period is on day 23 - it goes away for a day or two and then begins again full force, cramping, back pain and everything.

Apparently this is normal and can last for up to 6 months pp. It's my first baby though so I have no previous experience to judge by...

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The first few periods can be really bad. I was told as long as the clots are smaller than quarters, it's fine. Your body is cleaning house. I also noticed from my first baby to my second... the recovery from my second was a lot worse. I assume that subsequent babies can be worse each time.

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