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Night sweats

I'm almost 3 weeks postpartum and the night sweats are driving me crazy. I wake in the night soaked with sweat and in the morning. I have to change bed clothes it's that bad. How long does this last? I can't remember from my first

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I don't remember from my first either! I just started getting them and am wondering the same thing. I'm 9 days post partum. I ferl for yah (and sorry I'm no help! Curious to see what the responses are).

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I think for me it lasted around 6 weeks? Though I still had them occasionally for a while after. I had them with all three of mine, they're horrid! And mine were winter babies, can't imagine it in the summer!

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Mine have always lasted about 4-6 weeks...they were ridiculous I had to wash sheets daily as well. Won't last forever though hang in there!

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laila 44
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Yes!!! Until 7weeks. It was so so awful I had to change my clothes at night and sleep on a towel! Every day I had to wash my sheets! So gross I was waiting for the day it ended and it finally did. It will be over soon I know how nasty it feels

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