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Watery gush at almost 8 weeks post c-section?

I haven't had any bleeding for almost 2 weeks, but just now I felt a wet gush and it was a pink, watery sticky fluid?! It soaked through my underwear and tights. It definitely came from my vagina and I haven't pee'd myself.

It's totally random and I have no idea what it could be from. I'm exclusively (and very frequently!) breastfeeding so it can't be a period of any sorts I hope.

I had a sort of complicated c-section as adhesions from my previous sections had torn in 2 places, so my uterus was in fairly poor condition when I had Emma. It took a bit of repair work, I had a drain in, and also had my tubes tied.

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I hve had bleeding all the time since c section.
But yest it started to be mixed with jelly like and watery fluid
Sorry tmi
But sounds similar to your situation
I'm hoping its not ewcm
Cos I'm hoping my af stays away for months
Could yours be from ovulating do u think
Or was there lots of it?
If ur worried could u ring Dr or midwife ?

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