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What is going on?

Hi ladies, I do not know where to begin.

I panic, I get scared, my heart race's, I want to cry suddenly if something freaks me out.
I've never had these problem with my first daughter she's two and a half already. I just had my second daughter this year she is now 4 months old.
I live in a small town, so there's never really anything to big going on. I panic when I'm in public especially when there's people who I believe who can do harm, or look suspisious in my eyes.

This past week when my four month old was playing on the floor when my oldest accidentally fell next to her, slightly hitting her. Causing my little one to scream as if she was hurt really bad. I panicked so much I just grabbed her walked into my bedroom almost in tears, thinking the worst had just happened. Maybe her arm got squished, maybe her sister fell on her hard, or worse her arm was broken! My heart raced, I got sweaty, I was in tears. Laying on my bed with her to calm her down.
My little girl was fine, she was sobbing but okay, nothing was broken, she was just started really bad. I laid on my bed with her for a while. I finally calmed down after twenty minutes.

Why am I panicking like this? Why am I thinking the worst? I don't understand what's going on. I get scared for my daughter's over the littlest things. Can anyone help me?

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Sounds like u may have post natal depression. Are u in england if yes either contact ur health visito or ur dr and have a chat with them. Ur little ones only a baby once dont suffer like this

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