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wrinkly, saggy!

I was 20 when I got pregnant, 21 when I had my son. For some unknown reason I gained about 78lbs during pregnancy. I know, yikes! I had my son 15 months ago and I've lost most of the weight but my belly remains saggy and wrinkly. I also have stretch marks ALL OVER my hips and thighs.

Is there ANYTHING I can do to help? Anybody have any success? My mom's had 3 kids and she said her belly went back to normal pretty easily -.-

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I'm sorry I don't have any advice but I wanted to let you know that you're not alone. I could have written this post myself. I do have stretch marks on my belly but the majority went on my thighs. My belly is, however, very saggy and looking like a deflated balloon. I guess, in a way, it is but it bothers me. In my previous pregnancies I gained 56 lbs. and 52 lbs. but ended up losing the weight right away. I'm not sure why it is taking so long this time. I've only lost 25 lbs. so far after gaining 65 lbs. altogether. I've tried sit ups, walking, twisting my waist and all the exercises I could possibly think of. I think it did shrink a little bit but I still have a mommy skirt.

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I lost weight with my first and only gained 7lb with my second but still have stretch marks all over my tummy and thighs plus my belly is disgusting. Ive found using a good thick moisturiser every day has really helped my saggy tummy (along with eating as well as i can) I used bio oil after my first which did work to reduce the stretch marks to a stage i wasnt bothered with them anymore, its just so expensive. If you can afford it i would really recommend it. xxx

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stretch marks lighten and fade a little bit with time. some women seem to snap right back to their flat stomachs, i have never been that lucky though and still have extra skin. It does get better, but I've never gotten back to what i was pre-pregnancy.

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Stretch marks are very common problems of the skin. It can be due to hormonal changes in the body which decreases the collagen level in the body. There is a wide range of options for treating stretch marks.