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5 months postpartum trouble sleeping

I had my baby girl in June and the last couple of weeks I've really been struggling with sleep. This is my 4th child so only getting a few hours of sleep a night is really getting the best of me. I had postpartum depression with my first and sleep was an issue then too. But this really does not feel like postpartum depression at all. My mood is good (except for the nights when I don't get much sleep I'm a little on edge the next day).

I joined a bootcamp that is 3 times a week from 9-10 pm in hopes it wold help me out with sleep, but so far no progress really in the sleep department.

Has anyone else gone through this WITHOUT the post partum depression aspect of it. I don't know if it's my hormones regulating or what (I stopped nursing a few weeks ago too). I go a few good night's of sleep, then one bad one, a few good etc etc.

I'm really not a fan of medicated sleep aides (I was prescribed trazodone with my 1st born and it was an absolute nightmare coming off of it).

Any tips/advice/support would be much appreciated...I'm tired of being tired.

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I don't really have any advice but I wanted to just let you know that you're not alone. Ever since the birth of my third child, I've had a hard time sleeping. Some nights I can fall asleep just fine while others I toss and turn and lay there feeling like my eyes have been open the entire time. My second was never a good sleeper. He didn't sleep through the night until he was 18 months old and even now is up before the crack of dawn before my eldest. Right now it is 9:30 pm here and he is whimpering in his bed. I think I've just become so used to being waken at the slightest sound that I can't ever seem to sleep soundly. I've had to use sleep aids to drift off some nights, but I agree with you that I really wish I could sleep without them. Usually when I'm having a really tough night - like I have a lot on my mind - I read before bed and that seems to help me get my mind off of things. Some people have recommended drinking warm milk before bed but natural remedies like that just don't seem to help me.

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Thank you for the response it definitely makes me feel better that I'm not alone. Just writing everything out and knowing someone else is going through something similar helps.
I hope over time it changes for us both. And I agree... I think we are so used to getting woken up that any little noise wakes us.

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This is my second LO , she is now 7 months and ow she sleeps and I don't !!!! Not sure if its just habit now or I'm not allowing myself switch off and am on high alert for her waking for feeding .. But I'm often found roaming the house at night in the wee small hours !!

You are not alone lots of us zombie mums out there

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Thank you for responding. It really helps relieve my anxiety knowing I'm not the only one. This week I've really been struggling, I hope this coming week will be better for me. It's one of those things that is definitely all in my head, just need to find a wa to shut my brain off (easier said than done tho!).