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6 weeks pp heavy bleeding

I stopped bleeding around 4 weeks pp. I haven't yet seen my doctor but DH and I have been DTD since just before I stopped bleeding. (I know, tmi) anyways I stopped bleeding for about a week and a half or so, and DH was really gentle with me, up until a few days ago he was not so gentle, after we were doNe DTD I was bleeding lightly, the next morning it was what seemed like a heavy period, I haven't stopped bleeding since and it hasnt gotten any lighter. The blood is also very bright red, I called my OB and I can't see him until dec 22nd. I don't know if this is normal or something I should maybe discuss with my family doctor.
Anyone know what I should do?

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This may be just a coincidence and it's your period returning. Mine did at 6 weeks post partum with both my kids, despite exclusively breastfeeding, and it was a lot heavier than before. I remember being worried about it but the doc I saw said to "just go with the flow".
That being said, if you are worried, if it gets heavier (here they say more than one pad an hour), if there's an unpleasant smell or you feel at all unwell, then do get seen ASAP! If it stays as it is and you feel well, then I'd probably wait until Thursday and talk to your OB.

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