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Heavy bleeding ??

I gave birth 13 days ago and my bleeding had almost stopped until yesterday it started again but only really lightly and not enough to soak a pad however I went to the toilet before and passed quite a large blood clot and then I have just had a massive gush of dark red blood. This nearly filled my pad and the water in the toilet was dark red so I couldn't see if I had passed anymore clots but did have a few small ones when I wiped.

Is this normal ? Can bleeding start and stop randomly and be heavy and then light ?
I'm not breastfeeding and haven't really been overdoing it if anything I've not been doing very much the only thing I've done today is take my baby to the doctors and carried her in and out of the doctors in her car seat which surely isn't classed as over doing it.

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I think it is normal. If you are concerned, maybe contact your doctor, but I remember my postpartum bleeding was on and off for a while. Sometimes it'd be heavy, other times it was just spotting but it lasted 28 days total.

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The first few weeks can be start, stop, light, heavy in my experience. Heck, with each of my kids I had renewed heavy bleeding at 5 and 6 weeks for whatever reason but nothing was wrong. My general rule of thumb is: if I'm filling a pad more than once an hour, passing clots the size of peaches or my bleeding just isn't slowing down then I'd go get checked out right away. Every woman is different and what is normal for you may not be normal for someone else. Hope it slows down for you soon!

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