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Sex and enjoyment

I'm 2 months post partum and want to have sex so incredibly badly. Sucky thing is I have to wait till the 17 to see my dr. And I miss my husband like no body's business. Is it ok to engage in touching and oral? Or is it better to wait the ten days I have till I see my dr.?

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I would think at 2 months PP you'd be ok? The advice I was given at the hospital was to wait until PP bleeding had stopped as this was a good indication that things were back to normal down there. At my 6 week PP check up my OB wrote me a script for the mini pill, he said whenever I was ready.

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Mum (Mom)
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Even with a 4th degree tear I was told sex was OK at 6 weeks. I had a physical examination and told I was OK to have sex but slow and gentle til i got used to it.x

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I say trust your body! Go slow and take it easy if anything hurts. Enjoy!

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Normally they just make you wait anywhere from 4-6 weeks, so I'd say you're fine! Just start off slow and listen to your body if something starts hurting. Oh, and use lots of lube! Have fun!

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