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Recovery after 3rd vaginal birth?

what was the recovery like after your 3rd or more vaginal birth? I only suffered a small internal tear/labial grazing with my first, but the recovery was awful! My vagina was sore for about 4-5 weeks. My 2nd was 2lbs bigger and I suffered a 2nd degree perineum tear, but I had no pain down there. I could use the bathroom without it burning, it didn't hurt to walk or sit down, it wasn't sore at all, I could have ran a marathon, it was really weird. I know there's a lot more postpartum cramping with each birth, which I'm not looking forward to, but im hoping my recovery will be similar to my 2nd. Just curious what your experiences were?

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I hate to say this and I hope it's not the same for you but my 2nd was definitely the easiest for me labor wise, delivery wise and definitely recovery wise. With our first I had just a couple stitches.. With our second and third I didn't have any. But for me, the third labor and delivery was so much more painful and after birth cramps hurt more and I bled longer...also was sore down below longer too. But this is just my experience and I hope yours is better than your last or at least the same! Congratulations to you!!

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