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Labiaplasty following birth trauma

Hi ladies,
I hope someone can help me!

I am 10 weeks PP. When my son was born, initially I was told I had just grazed my perineum and required no stitches. I was in a great deal of pain following the birth and looked down there and discovered a large gash on my labia. My OB decided that it needed to be stitched up then and there (I wont tell you the pain of it when the anaesthetic didn't work and I felt him stitching it up! It's enough to make you squeeze your legs shut..) Anyway, he said because of the fact that it wasn't stitched then and there that the likelihood of it healing properly was low.

10 weeks later and it hasn't healed, well, the top half of the tear has healed but the bottom hasn't leaving me with a cut that is both painful and weepy. My doctor referred me to a GYN who said that if it hadn't healed in a month I would require a labiaplasty to fix it. That was a month ago. I've done everything possible to encourage healing but nothing has worked...

To those who have been through this... Does the surgery hurt too badly? I'm so anxious about it and have been considering actually just leaving the cut there so I don't have to have my labia cut again. I'm so nervous about the stinging that happens when you pee and the pain of having my labia re-cut.

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