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Postpartum Despression just want to know what some did as far as work

So I have post part partum depression and it's just been hard. I'm on meds , but I have been out of work. I've been trying to get my insurance company to cover me for long term disability dealing with this. I've been out for 6 months and have been going through he'll with no funds coming in my home. I've forced myself to go give notice at my job and start one at a place that is supposed to be less stressful them my current job position. I've lost my car, backed up in rent and all other bills. How has anyone else dealt with this.

It's going to be so bad if this other job doesn't work out. Being out 6 months without nothing has forced me to just take anything as a means of income. Anything that doesn't give me the same level of stress. I just started this new position 2 weeks ago.

I planned to come on here to talk about it with others, but unfortunately the depression and anxiety had me in a place where I didn't have the motivation to do anything, leave myhome, couldn't stop crying, worrying about any and everything.

Sorry this was a long rant.

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