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Excruciating gas pains and feel like my insides are sloshing around

My son was born 4 days ago, and since yesterday I've been having horrendous, excruciating gas pains in my stomach, like a million times worse than the uterine contractions I get when he nurses. I had a bowel movement yesterday and that seems to have helped some, and I've been taking Gas X, but I am still in a lot of discomfort. I also feel like my insides are sloshing around and it is painful, I can't even roll over in bed because I can feel my insides moving around and it hurts so badly! Laying flat on my back is the only way I am comfortable, but then rolling on my side to try to sit up when I need to nurse baby is just unbearable pain in my abdomen (I'm trying not to just sit straight up to avoid developing diastasic recti, plus I just don't have the core strength to do that right now). I never had pain like this after my daughter was born, is this normal??

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You know... 11 months later, and I still get horrible gas sometimes. After pregnancy and labor, I feel like my digestive system never quite went back to what it was (though tbf, I had digestive issues even BEFORE pregnancy).

I don't think they were ever this painful for me, though, so I think it may warrant calling your doctor to see if there are any other options.

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