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Feeling really low and lonley

Hi everyone, I have a 4 year old son and a baby boy who's 14 weeks but is adjusted age is 4 weeks as was 10 weeks early, he's finally putting weight on now 8 lbs 5 he was in hosp 7 weeks. My older boy started school in Sept so alots happened since June. With my baby been so premature we have to avoid crowds etc and been around alots of children. My hubby works from home so I leave my baby with him when I do the school run. I'm just feeling really low, while i was pregnant I had planned to join baby groups while my son was at school but obv for now this can't happen. I just come bk and do jobs and not do much, couple of days will see my mum. I'm feeling lonely, I even try making conversation at school with the mums but alot are in a dash or just don't want to converse. I also just feel a rubbish mum, I don't know why but just feel my boys could do better, I'm so over weight I feel rubbish about myself, I'm going to start slimming world online next week so that will make me feel a bit better. To top it off me feeling rubbish about myself my son came out of school today and Been a 4 year old said don't think anyone wanted any of our buns! I had made them for a coffee morn lol

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Congratulations on the birth of your new baby. You are doing the right thing by keeping your son away from crowds so you are a caring mom. Adjusting to the change in your life always takes time so be patient with yourself. The exercising sounds like a great plan and it will lift your mood also. Reaching out to others with your baking or other crafts is great therapy. When I was home during the winter with a newborn, I started crocheting and knitting and i made scarves for all the people that I knew. Keep up the good work!

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