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Anxiety over not being pregnant anymore

DS2 is two and a half weeks old, and since his birth, I've been having acute anxiety attacks about not being pregnant anymore. I feel like I walked into a wall whenever something reminds me that it's over. I love my baby, and I'm so happy that he is here and thriving, but I miss being pregnant. This never happened with my first son. DH and I are planning to have a third kid, so it's not like this anxiety is stemming from the fact that I'll never experience pregnancy again. Anyway, I guess I'm just ranting, but it's such a weird thing and I can't really explain it to DH, or even my mom friends.

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I had a really similar time when my son was born, and it lasted a few months on and off but lessened in intensity as the days went on. I had a planned section so already knew when he was coming which made me panic that it was going to be over, but I went into labour on my own and the section was complete within 2 hours of that. Obviously I was pleased to have my son safe but the shock of it all just hit me and I struggled for a bit. Plus hormones don't help in the slightest. Try to chat with your health visitor if you can, she will have come across plenty new mums who have felt this way. It's not uncommon, not odd or weird. It will go away, just try to work through it and not suppress it x

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Youíre not alone on this!

My daughter is a week old and Iíve broken down sobbing on several occasions over the fact that Iím no longer pregnant. I felt good all the way through my pregnancy and adored having a bump, so Iím still adjusting to the way that phase of my life is over.

My baby was a few days early, and when I got home from the hospital I saw all my maternity clothes hung up to dry and couldnít help but cry. I keep touching my stomach too, and my heart sinks a little when I realise my bump is gone.

I think itís very normal and am sure itíll get better in time. Meanwhile, congratulations on the birth of your son!

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This happened when I had my first baby. I kept getting really upset due to not being pregnant anymore even though I was/am crazy about my baby (she's 4 now!) and couldn't stand seeing pregnant women and didn't even want to see pictures of myself when I was pregnant. Used to really enjoy watching One Born Every Minute and couldn't even watch that anymore, it made me so sad!!

Time helped! Congrats on your new baby!

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