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so worried about my moods

so i will give you some history. After my 1st i spent the first 3 weeks regretting having my baby and then somewhere along the line those feelings went an i felt fine. After my second i remember feeling hopeless regret, emptiness i even asked DH to take baby back to the hospital and i felt this way for about 2 weeks or so and then again those feelings went away.

Had my 3rd 2 weeks ago and i am getting it again. I dont want him, i dont want to hear him cry, i want my old life back. Its all exactly the same feelings as before but this time i am worried it might carry on! My older boys are sad i dont spend time with them i have not got back into a routine yet as the kids have been off school the whole 2 weeks baby has been here! I dont get out the house much as i dont want him to miss his nap times. My mum and dad are moving away soon so i wont see them at all. I have no family close to me where i live! My husband works long hours and i have 3 boys and a dog to look after. I feel like i have been stupid thinking i can handle another baby even though i managed to have a newborn and 2.5 year old on my own as hubby was working away!

I am not asking for advice really i am just venting somewhere where people understand. I just hope that soon these feelings go away. The last thing i want is to end up on antidepressants i hate medication......
I really do feel i have been mad having another baby just as i was getting my life back in order!
Anyone else had these feelings that have gone away without help? I know mine did before but at the minute i cant see light at the end of the tunnel

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I had the exact same feeling with both children and managed to get through without any medication. I had that overwhelming bubble for weeks with both with the GP diagnosing severe baby blues. Youve had experience of it, you know it will gradually ease. It just takes time. Come here and chat with us, have time out with a cuppa when you can. You'll enjoy your baby soon x

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