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squirting after birth....

Hey everyone. So I am so sorry for the TMI here, but I had my sweet little girl naturally back in August. All is healed up and well, PP check up was all good. However, I have discovered a new feature to my body. When I orgasm now, I squirt literally everywhere. Like soak the sheets bad. I am NOT peeing, everytime I google I keep seeing that pop up. And what's worse is I did this FOUR TIMES during foreplay the other day. FOUR TIMES. It's disgusting! I mean my partner doesn't seem to mind it at all, but has ANYONE else had this happen to them?! Does this last forever? Do I just try to enjoy this? I am so confused about my body right now. What the heck!

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Oh no, Would doing pelvic floor excercises help? I have no idea what else to suggest. If it really upsets you maybe speak to your dr they may be able to help x

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I've never given birth but this happens to me when I'm really DH likes it, no question on whether I'm enjoying myself, lol!

My guess is since this is new after delivery it just changed the sensitivity of your vaginal walls causing heightened arousal. Also possible it is hormones post partum that is resulting in enhanced arousal.

I just grab a towel when we are going to DTD to protect the bed.

If you can come to terms with it and your partner doesn't mind try to just enjoy it! It's not a bad thing, and it is NOT urine! It's just female ejaculation, not everyone gets to experience it. I enjoy the extra lubrication it provides.

I don't think pelvic floor exercises would do anything. I have a pretty strong pelvic floor, I've thought it may actually enhance it.

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I've always been a squirter - even before kids. Hubby doesn't care and finds it a turn on. I just use disposable waterproof mats so I don't get the bed wet because let's face it, sex can be messy anyway. But if you are really embarrassed about it, sit down and talk with hubby about those feelings. Chances are, he won't be too worried but he probably doesn't realize that it makes you uncomfortable either.

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