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Sadness over silly things..

This is just a vent really, as I know it's normal to feel some of this and I know it'll pass with time too.. But I just have this underlying sadness that my last pregnancy is over (we are 99% sure we won't have another - we'd have to win the lottery to reconsider lol).

When I think about the fact I'll never be going to hospital to have a baby again, and that that part of my life is finished with so to speak, it just makes me a little sad.
I mean I'm excited to watch my boys grow, and I've loved seeing DS1 grow and learn, so I am sure it must be the hormones exaggerating these feelings. I didn't even 100% love being pregnant (the first 4 months I was worried about losing another pregnancy, and then by the end I was ready to have my body back).

Anyway, hopefully these feelings will start to fade soon enough. I do remember having this with my first - gosh, I cried just getting into our car for the first time post labour because "the last time I had been in the car, I had been in labour" lol.

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Yes, exactly the same here. I want to feel a baby in my belly again, I want the excitement of labour, I want that baby placed on me, I want the midwife appointments, I had mine prematurely and missed out on the last few weeks that I really wanted to enjoy. I want it again my baby inside me. What I don't want is to he worry, the cost and the stresses of another child.if I was young I would consider being a surrogate.

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