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Womb infection

Hi girls, I'm currently 16 days post partum after c section and have been really unwell for a few days (dizzy, feeling sick, headaches, tired, stomach cramps and severe sweating but freezing cold at the same time with shivering) turns out my uterues is also still at belly button level and hasn't contracted back down yet. After a visit to my doctor who told me it was all hormonal and viral, I called the midwife who has said it's a womb infection and I've to go straight back to the doctor for a swab and antibiotics as I'm bottle feeding, not breast feeding so it can't be hormonal, also she's worried that my uterues hasn't went down and feels my doctor hasn't diagnosed me properly. I have an appointment for tomorrow morning but just wondered in the meantime if anyone had any experiences with this? I was told I would feel a little better every day after my section and instead, I'm just feeling worse as the days goes on. Thanks in advance!

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I didn't have a section but developed one in labour with my first, I had IV antibiotics in hospital for 4 days then oral ones to take at home. It definitely sounds like infection of sorts, hopefully you'll start feeling better after a dose or two of antibiotics!

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