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Low HR High BP

Hi All,

I had my baby a week ago today. Since then my resting heart rate is mid 60s (usually mid 70s) and drops to 50 when I'm sleeping. I had high bp they were monitoring near the end of my pregnancy (usually around 138/87). Last night I took my bp and it was 166/97 and 158/90...has anyone else experienced this? Is this considered normal? I'm also having palpitations and am breastfeeding.
I have had bouts of anxiety in the past and I'm sure worrying about this is not helping. I have an appointment next week to see my doc about it but don't want to worry until then.

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Please call your doctor soon as possible. This happened to me with my first pregnancy. I had developed postpartum preeclampsia. It required a magnesium drip and a longer hospital stay.

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