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2 weeks post partum bleeding

Hi Guys.

Just had a little girl two weeks ago today (3rd child) and my bleeding has already stopped (at day 13) I know it may come back but wondering if it's normal to stop this soon? Cannot remember how long I bled last time but sure it was at least 4-5 weeks.

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I'm in a similar boat.

After my 1st child it was almost constant for nearly 10 weeks. I had my DS on the 13th May and by the 10th day or so it had stopped. He is now 3 weeks old and I find I spot mid morning/afternoon for a few hours which isn't heavy but I still wear a pad incase and then it stops.

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With my 1st it stopped after 2 weeks.

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With both of my kids it eased up around 2 weeks and I'd have some days where I didn't bleed at all or bled sporadically and then days where I was bleeding like a stuck pig. It didn't stop completely until 6 weeks postpartum.

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With my first it lasted for 13 weeks! With my second about 6 weeks.

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With my second, my bleeding tailed off considerably after two weeks. It was never particularly heavy to begin with. I then Bled off and on for a further two weeks before it stopped.....and then I took my first period!

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