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Dissolvable stitches

I gave birth to Carmen almost six weeks ago and my stitches haven't dissolved yet- I only had two or three stitches and they're still there! Does anyone know if that's normal, or how long it's supposed to take for them to dissolve?

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Mum (Mom)
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i think they should of by now. i had an episotomy and had quite a few stitches and when i went for my 6 week check there was two stitches left that hadnt dissolved and the rest had. i was told id need a little procedure to remove them but after a week they went themselves. so mine (mostly) had dissolved by 6 weeks but i dont know if theres a guideline sort of thing for it or they just let them take as long as it needs, maybe worth checking with your doctor just in case x

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my stitches dissolved by 3rd week - do you have a 6 week checkup?

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