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The pushing stage...

I'm just interested in all the different experiences you ladies had when pushing your baby out (if you had a vaginal delivery of course!)

It took me an hour and a half to push Louie out, and I really don't look back on it with fondness (this is following on from the thread about missing your birth - it got me thinking...). All I remember really is being SOOOOO hot, my hair was sticking to my head and they wouldn't turn the AC on because baby was close to being born and they needed the room warm. I was on a monitor because my baby had ectopic beats noted at week 37 of my pregnancy (the cheeky monkey didn't even have one heartbeat out of step through the whole labour!) and they made me labour on my back when I wanted to turn around because they kept losing the heartbeat when I was on all fours.

It felt like it took so long to push him out (I'm not sure if 1.5 hours is a long time or quite reasonable having never had a baby before!), with every contraction I was so frightened, I just felt like he was never gonna come out. After ever contraction when the baby's head inched that little bit further out I felt like I was being ripped in two and was hyperventilating, panicking saying I couldn't do it etc. I spent the whole time up to the pushing stage being very calm, breathing through each contraction not shouting or screaming or panicking in any way at all. It's so true the way they say some women start to panic at the transition stage, for me it never stopped! Also, my body was telling me to moo like a cow at each contraction, but the MW's kept telling me to be quiet and put the energy into my pushing, which I did, but I do feel that if I'd been more vocal and mooed like I wanted to, I would have felt a bit better! LOL. I think because I was exhausted from labouring for the previous 35 hours I'd almost completely run out of steam. So it would be interesting to hear from ladies who had their babies quickly - was the pushing stage easier?

When Louie came out it was all a blur. I don't even really remember the head popping out because he just came out in a rush, the MW just kinda pulled him out of me. I wish that bit was different.

I've heard some women say that the pushing stage was like a relief from the contractions leading up to that point, and each push was like a relief, but my experience couldn't be any more opposite! I found the contractions leading up to that point much more manageable.

It's so true how every woman labours differently!

Thank you for all your experiences if you choose to share


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Hey, on average for a first birth the pushing stage is between 45 mins and 2 hours!!!!
I was very very lucky with my labour to be honest!
I had a great delivery, great midwifes that were very caring... had a fan going for me and let me do as i pleased position wise haha.
My full labour from 1st contraction to her being out was only 12 hours. My established labour was only 5 1/2 hours and i was only pushing for about half an hour! So for a first time birth was very quick and very lucky.
Macie came 2 days early completely naturally and i only had gas and air to get out!
I just remember spending most of my labour on the toilet as when they said if you feel like pushing push through your bum like your having a poo i just couldnt get to grips with that feeling whilst on the bed on my back haha...
I loved my labour (apart from the extremly bad tear ) but i would do it again in a heartbeat

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My waters broke at 14:20, started pushing at 14:55, had LO at 15:12 so the pushing stage was not very long for me. Getting from fingertip dilated to 5cm took approx 7hrs. x

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This was my 1st and I pushed for 30 minutes.
Luckily I had an epidural but honestly I thought pushing was the worst's a lot of work!
When I was pushing I felt like I wasn't doing anything but wearing myself out.
It really helped when the nurses and my husband would see I would have a good push and cheer me on with encouraging words.

I can't imagine doing it without pain meds

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It took me about an hour to push Madeline out - and it just felt like it went on for ever and ever. I was determined to have the baby (we didn't know what we were having) vaginally, but they had started talking about a section as I had been in labour so long, she was in an awkward position and it had been more than 24 hours since my water had broken and they were getting worried about infection. They gave me a couple more hours to get to an extra cm and deliver.

The contractions for me were hell, and the pushing stage was hell. I was so hot I ended up ripping my gown off and was completely starkers. I had a fan on me, but I could feel sweat pouring down my face. I just remember continually saying "I can't do it - it won't come out" but the MW was fantastic, as was DH. He was holding one of my legs and could see the whole thing - and I could tell when you could see LOs head as he was really encouraging me (I didn't believe the MW when she said it!). It felt at one point that LO was going to just burst through my bum - that bit was horrific. I remember pushing and the MW saying whatever you did then, do it again - and I said I just pushed like I was having a poo. I started doing that (blush - although I didn't poo!) and three pushes later LOs head was out. I don't remember the crowning hurting that much.

The MW afterwards congratulated me, and said I was very determined and that it was quite a difficult thing to push LO out as her position (head slightly up and coming down slightly diagonally!!) meant that the circumference of her head passing through was at 13cms rather than 9cms if she had been in the optimum position.

I'd had an epidural earlier in the labour, but it didn't work as it should and so was only able to have it in top-ups (It would run out, I would be back to normal immediately, and they would add another dose) rather than continually. I chose not to top up for the final three hours of labour, and even though it was ridiculously painful I am glad I chose to do it that way, as I think I would have really struggled to push her out if I couldn't feel anything.

I didn't tear, and just needed a few internal stitches, and that's thanks to the MW telling me when to push and when to rest and let things stretch.

I'm hoping the next one will just fall out!

Sorry about the essay!!

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I pushed four over 4 hours (8pm-12:07am) after 2 1/2 days of active labour, and Alex got stuck in the last minute so they broke his collarbone to get him out.

At midnight they were prepping me for a C-section but then his head started coming out.

As far as I am aware and have been told here on BnB, my labour was botched and I should have had a C-section long before that happened.

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Wow lots of different experiences.. My daughter is my second baby with a 13 yr age gap the labour was so much different my whole labour was 11 hours from first twinge til maddie was born i was pushing for 11 minutes but i certainly couldn't have done it without my OH and Mum there... I felt the pushing stage was the best and its like such an overbearing urge id rather do that than have any contractions which i felt were so horrible esp when you dont feel like you getting anywhere... Still id do it again and hope to!
Seeing our beautiful children and knowing we not only 50% created them but that we delievered them into the world well it can only be described as precious I feel so proud of myself when i think about it! LOL

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I pushed for less than 10 minutes with both of mine. With my son pushing was a relief, with my daughter pushing was much more painful than the contractions.

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I pushed for about 10 minutes if that, wasn't sore at all, pain totally went away as soon I started needing to push!

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I had really short labours with both of my girls,
Emily: I started contracting at 11pm, in hospital by 11:20pm, pushing at 11:52 and she popped out at 00:03
Jessica: Started having contractions at about 1am, hospital by 2:40am, and pushing at 4am, for her to come out at 04:13am

had both with no medication nor gas and air!



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