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Im Struggling!!

I gave birth to my daughter 19 days ago, she is gorgeous and sleeps most of the day but then wakes at 7pm and refuses to sleep untill 1am then wakes at 5am and wont go back down, she wants feeding every 2 and a half hours in the day time and brings up most of her bottle each time, my other daughter is being so naughty since i had her and screams at me all the time, i feel like she cant stand me, im so tired and still recovering from an emergency c-section and my scar splitting open so im still sore and not meant to be doing much. I think im struggling more because my partner works nights!! i feel pretty lost at the minute

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Hi! I didn't want to read and run - sorry to hear you are having a tough time. Why don't you have a chat with your health visitor, she might have some suggestions about what would help. Could you consider going to a mums and tots group, so you can chat to other parents? I live in Northampton too, and I know there are lots locally. I hope things improve for you soon - I'm sure they will.

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Sorry you're struggling! My daughter did the same thing, but she would wake up screaming at 10PM and literally cry for 4 hours straight. She just needed to adjust. Things got much better after 4 weeks and she began to fall asleep at 10PM and stay asleep, only waking to feed. The first month is rough so hang in there!

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