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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Cervix has dropped after giving birth - normal?

I am 4 weeks pp, and tried dtd today - it was awful. It hurt like the stretching when LOs head was coming out, and then it started to hurt like period pains. When we gave up, I had a feel inside and my cervix was right there! About 2cm inside my vagina... I used to check it when ttc, and it was a lot higher up then. I'm almost crying writing this, am I having a prolapse? I feel so worried, but is it normal for your cervix to just drop down like this? I have been squeezing like crazy to try to get my pelvic floor stronger, but am worried I'll never have sex again!

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Wow your brave doing it after only 4 weeks! Did you tear at all? I am 11 weeks PP and up untikl 7 weeks ish I thought I had a prolaspe but it wasn't it was just my uretha and the gyny said it wasn't a prolaspe! She said you would know if you had one because it litrally would be falling out your vagina - there would be a bulge! So I don't think you got one x

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summer rain
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It can take 6-8 weeks for it to return to its normal position, your cervix does come right down in the process of giving birth so it does take time for everything to back to normal. If it is still in the same place in 2-4 weeks then I'd make an appointment but otherwise I wouldn't worry too much xx

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Ditto what summer rain said. I think mild prolapse is probably pretty common (ie. normal) but things return to normal (or close enough) before most women would even realise. I agree that 4 weeks is ambitious but obviously if you're up for it that's your business! I tried at 8 and 12 weeks after my first and and they were both horrible. It was 8 months before I was able. I'm not sure now (after 6 months) if I'm up for it or not as we've not had opportunity to try!

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