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HCG more than doubled but spotting pinkish mucous

I am currently 5.5 to 6 weeks pregnant and started spotting yesterday. I went in for an ultrasound the day before and the scan shows a sac with a yolk sac but no fetal pole or heartbeat. I would think it too early to see more since I'm not even 6 weeks yet but my doc thinks I should see a fetal pole with such high hcg numbers that high.

She says she's concern that the numbers are rising so quickly and it could be a molar pregnancy but my numbers only tripled when it was under 1K which i read is rather normal but since than has doubled but not tripled. I would think a molar pregnancy the numbers would rise 4x times or more.

I've been having very bad morning sickness which usually indicates a healthy pregnancy but I just started spotting too.

Has anyone had a similar situation and miscarried? I've had two previous miscarriages and the numbers have never gone up more than 20%. I've spotted for the two previous and eventually miscarried. My numbers has never gone up more than 3K for either.

Since the doc is closed for the holidays, i will not know if the spotting is due to something bad or not. I'm a nervous wreck.

Below are my best test results.

HCG 11/10 - 25
HCG 11/13-84
HCG 11/17-881
HCG 11/24 - 18400

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