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preparing for m/s - safe shakes/meal replacementts

Hello ladies.
I got my bfp two days ago. I'm very very nervous having just had a mc and then a mmc. Ftankly I'm not going to get excited until after the 12 week scan.

Anyway I usually get really bad morning sickness. With dd I had hyperemis gravid.
With my mmc all I could eat was bread. I did take my prenatals etc and my midwifes opinion was it doesn't matter what you keep down (I'm getting a different midwife this time for many reasons). I worry this is one of the reasons why my mmc happened even though I know it was probably chromosomal.

So this time I'm investigating a good quality shake or meal replacement. I like real food and clean eating and some of these meal replacements in the supermarket are full of things I wouldn't really want to eat. But some of the whole food ones have herbs which I don't think should be taken when pregnant.
so what do other people do.

I've read just good quality whey protein is good but will it supply lots of vitamins and minerals?

Sorry if I'm ott about this but I'm super paranoid this time around.

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I'm planning on making shakes with fruits and veggies and maybe some ice cream or yogurt for protein. I saw this one that I'm temped to try: I too suffered from hyperemesis gravidum with my last three pregnancies so I'm expecting the same this time around and this shake is specifically for upset tummies. The ingredients seem safe for pregnancy. This time - I hope - I'm a little more prepared.

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Hey Spud! Aww you poor thing...I hate Morning sickness! I have had it all three times and last time was brutal. You don't eat...more sick. I'm thinking maybe I'll do lots of yogurt and see how that goes. It has lots of protein...and sometimes I add flax and chai seeds. Also smoothies with grinded up oatmeal are filling, and taste good. My friend is pregnant and she's a beach body she works out everyday and drinks shakeology shakes. But I have read that they contain a ingredient that can induce ealry labor, so that's scary if it's true. She looks great though

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