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Is fatigue/feeling zoned out a sign of impending miscarriage?

I know fatigue is often a symptoms of early pregnancy, but could it also be possible fatigue plus feeling zoned out could be a sign of impending miscarriage or dropping HCG?

This time last pregnancy, I got very fatigued. A few days later, zoned out feelings, and I'm fairly certain that's when my HCG turned for the worse and began to drop. I miscarried just over a week after that.

I am scared that the past is repeating itself. Should I be preparing for the worse case scenario? Or is this absolutely normal and strictly only a pregnancy symptom?

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Sounds like normal pregnancy symptoms to me! Try to relax! *hugs*

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Didn't wanna read and run. But I hope everything is ok with you I been feeling the same way. Could just be a pregnancy symptom. Lots of luck

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Uni tsi
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Fatigued and zoned out describes how I felt my whole first trimester! I'm 16 weeks now, and the fatigue is finally letting up but I'm still super absent minded. Try not to worry, it sounds like what you're feeling is normal

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each pregnancy is different. and feeling fatigue is certainly a pregnancy symptoms.

pal is very stressful. try your best to stay positive hun because stress doesn't really help anything (i know, easier being said than done)

stick dust!

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