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I can't settle 😢

Yesterday afternoon I took a test and thought it was negative, period due around now so thought I was out. Got home and had a batch of cheapies arrive so thought I'd give one a go, the line came up after about a minute. (Around 6pm)
Then done another around 11pm, one with fmu this morning and another about 6pm this evening. However I can't see any progress in it? Every cramp or twitch makes me think it's over, if I get any pains near my shoulder I'm convinced it's ectopic.

I'm worrying myself sick 😢 How do I even stick this out x

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Mum (Mom)
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Oh hunny, everyone here will have been through similar emotions and it really does take it out of you....some how though, we do just manage! I never thought I'd be here at 24 weeks, but somehow iv made it through.

Btw, cheapies in my experience are not great for tracking progress, especially not that early...I used superdrug tests every 48 hours, and once my period was well and truly late I bought digis
Good luck and keeping my fingers crossed For a sticky bean! Xx

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