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Scared of miscarrying again after losing twins 😔

I got my bfp on Monday, I'm so happy but also terrified of miscarrying again. I lost my twins at 13+2 in June I bled none stop from 5 weeks because of a subchorionic haematoma and I'm worried I will have one again. This is my 4th pregnancy I have a dd 7 and ds 3 and bled with both of them so I'm expecting to bleed again, how do you get over the worry? I know even after my 12 week scan I still won't be able to relax. Feeling so blessed to be given another chance, please stick our little rainbow xxxxx

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Huge congratulations on your BFP.

subchorionic haematomas are fairly common and as you say are the most common cause of bleeding within the first tri, so try not to worry about having another - statistically having one will not increase the chances of miscarriage, nor will having had one previous miscarriage.

strategies for getting over the worry - that's a difficult one, and I can only speak from my experience, firstly I hoped it wasn't twins again, iv never had a miscarriage before loosing my twins, so I always blamed it on being a 'twin thing'. Secondly I took (and still do) take every day as it comes with the mind set of 'today I'm pregnant', I still didn't relax after my 12 week scan because I didn't feel any movement until 22 weeks, so I only really relaxed after the 20 week scan, even now I worry about her everyday. I can honestly say though that the stress does lessen, it doenst go but it stops being a huge part of your life, do try to share it with someone though, join a group on this forum and put down your worries - there is hundreds of other women in the same boat and they are all willing to support.

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