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Could I have been carrying?

Hey guys,
I have been getting light periods for the past two months, almost like a spotting. Yesterday I passed a big blood clot and it would've fit in the palm of my hand. I've had no cramps while bleeding and yes I have been to the doctors but they haven't helped me and just tell me to pee into a cup and get blood test. Everything comes back negative and I was wondering if anyone else has had this.

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Sounds odd, people can be pregnant and still spot during the time they would have a monthly, however even after passing a clot bloods or a pregnancy test should have come back positive.

If everything has come back negative at this stage I would tey not to dwell on it love, lots of women do pass big clots and it has nothing to do with pregnancy, just a thing that happens occasionally during they're cycles.

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I agree with Lucy that if you had been pregnant, it would be showing positive for a week or more after all pregnancy tissue had passed so it doesn't sound like you were, thank goodness.

You said you had light periods leading up to it, maybe some of it didn't pass properly and formed the clot. I hope your doc is following it up to rule out other issues such as endometriosis, polyps etc x

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If a pregnancy test is being negative all this time, it predicts that you were not pregnant. However I would strongly recommend getting the scan done just to rule out the possibility of endometriosis or cysts. Spotting for two months and then passing the clots is certainly not the right thing to go through. I am sure your medical team will guide you the best treatment. God bless!!!

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