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I wish I could feel confident

we started trying for baby #2 in February 2015. . I was diagnosed with PCOS within that process. I was pregnant 6 months into TTC, we lost the baby quite early.. around 7 months later I was pregnant again...We had a very good ultrasound, saw the heartbeat.. I heard the heartbeat everynight with my doppler, a wonderful 126-135...I lost the baby at 7 weeks 6 days..after listening to the little heartbeat just that night before... here I am, 4 weeks 6 days again, I am not even happy..I guess im just venting because its been so hard keeping it all in. I had a miscarriage at 11 weeks before my son... my son was in the hospital for the first 4 months of his life, i didnt get to hold him untill he was 2 weeks old. I just want to have a "normal" situation, i just want things to be ok..I feel so hopeless.. Terrified to feel any hope at all that this pregnancy will continue.. Im trying not to stress i know its not good for me or the baby...sitting here listening to "relaxing music" laying on the couch at nap time, like a fool just trying to be calm but its not possible sorry for such a depressing post..i just cant hold it in any longer

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(((( HUGS ))))

Releasing your emotions is healthy. Stay strong and keep your hopes up. I'm praying for you and your little one.

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You've had an it really tough! You deserve a healthy and happy pregnancy this time around and I have my fingers crossed for you.

It makes it so difficult to enjoy after a loss.


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Hugs. I really do understand how you feel, I felt the same once. It took us a while but we got there in the end, twice. I know it's hard but try to stay positive, it will be worth it when you finally hold your rainbow. Crossing my fingers for you

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I'm sorry for your losses. Sending you love and hugs and checking in to see how you are doing!

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