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Who's on baby aspirin after recurrent loss?

Hi all

I'm nearing my due date with my rainbow baby. I don't come here much, I guess because it used to make me even more anxious. Anyway, I had a mmc discovered at 12 weeks, followed by an early loss around 7 weeks before this pregnancy. Because I'd also had a mmc before my first baby, a doctor I saw privately recommended I start 75g aspirin, three days after ovulation. I normally live in the UK though and since the aspirin wasn't ordered by an NHS doctor, I'm not seeing a consultant. I've seen a doctor for a bleed in first tri and they approved of me being on the aspirin, and the midwives know as well, but I don't really have anyone to ask for advice about how to approach it with regards to labour now.

So, people on aspirin for recurrent loss: where you told to stop before your due date or continue until delivery? Did anyone suggest you couldn't have a water birth because of the aspirin? Have you had any advice on whether you should have a physiological or managed third stage? Anything else that is affected by aspirin?

Thanks all!

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I'm on baby aspirin this time due to previous loss. I've been asked to stop at 36 weeks for two reasons - I'm getting my cerclage removed at 37 weeks and they want me to stop aspirin a week before that. Also, since you are safe to go into labor right from 37 weeks, they want to stop aspirin at least a week before that.

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I took it right up to my induction date as advised by my consultant

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They say in my hospital to stop at 38 weeks if your not being induced and going to term, it won't affect a water birth at all. But should you go into labour before you stop taking it it's it's not a massive deal. Won't cause any problems really, just mention it to your delivery team. Good luck!

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I was told to stop at 36 weeks and did so. I

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I was on aspirin and clexane and was told to stop as soon as i go into labour. Good luck x

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Im on aspirin due to previous loss at 20 weeks and i was also on it during my last pregnancy with my 2nd son. He was born at 38 weeks after induction but i hadnt stopped taking the Aspirin. I had a difficult delivery and then a haemorrhage and they said it could have been caused by the aspirin as id continued to take it right up (no one told me to stop). I think the plan is to stop it a few days before induction this time

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