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21 Weeks and Terrified

I had a miscarriage at 8 weeks 7 year ago, followed by many years of not being able to get pregnant, then I got pregnant and was told in april of last year it was a blighted ovum and had to have a D&C.
Now I am pregnant again and so scared. I barely sleep, and cant function as usual at work. Every back twinge makes me think I'm losing my baby girl, I constantly look for blood or leakage.
Today I seem to be having a lot more discharge then I am used to and of course the panic comes back, I have an at home Doppler and it still shows a great heart beat. She started kicking a week or so ago but when I don't feel her for HOURS AND HOURS again a panic. I want to run to the ER so bad but I always feel bad about it. I went in a lot in the beginning of this pregnancy due to bleeding from a Sub chorionic Hemorrhage .
Anyone else feel this way? Does anyone else have a LOT of discharge that comes and goes or doesn't feel their baby frequently. I need to calm some of these nerves

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This is my first pregnancy so I can't even imagine what you have gone through with your losses. But I am 21 almost 22 weeks. And I definitely have some days where I feel I have more discharge than others. I actually googled the other day how to tell the difference btw discharge and leaking amniotic fluid because I'm paranoid as well. Also I panicked earlier in the week because I felt my son wasn't moving as much but lately I feel him constantly. They say there is still so much room that it's hard to feel them all the time and to not count kicks yet. But I feel you on being anxious.

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Hugs to you! Iv been there it's so hard!

I didn't feel a regular pattern this time until about 24/25 weeks and it would be mainly at night so I'd be a nervous wreck all day! Now I'm 28 weeks and feel so much more! I also have ridiculous amount of discharge, I have to wear a thin pad!

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