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Pregnant (Expecting)
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Pregnant immediately after miscarriage

I had my first BFP on 2/2. First scan on 2/20, should have been 7+2. Yolk sac seen, no baby. Another scan 1 week later, 1.8mm fetal pole. Said I was probably just earlier than I thought. 3rd scan today, it grew but not a whole lot, measuring 5+5. Could see the flicker of a heartbeat but couldn't hear it yet. So either I'm measuring 2-3 weeks behind, or is it possible I had a really early missed miscarriage, then got pregnant immediately after since we stopped using protection. The baby has grown each time and looks good for 5+5, but my dates and SEVEN positive tests the week of 2/2 don't add up. I want this little gift so badly, and am hoping to hear positive stories from situations like mine.

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