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Scan tomorrow....Please hold my hand

Hi everyone

I have a scan tomorrow. I am 7 weeks and asked for this scan to reassure me.

I have lost 4 babies since Christmas 2015 and I am so scared that I will lose this one too. One of my babies, I saw the heart beat at an early scan and started bleeding two days later so I don't know If I can really be reassured by anything right now...

Has anyone been through the same? Is there anything that helped you?

FYI I am taking normal preg vitamins, high dose Folic acid and 100mg aspirin (Can't find the 80mg dose anywhere)

Is there anything else I can do?

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I'm so sorry for your losses - this must be an incredibly difficult time for you. I have my fingers, toes and eyes crossed that this is your rainbow baby.

I had an ectopic last year and so have some understanding of the anxiety waiting for a positive scan this time. At 6+6 I was so anxiously watching that screen, saw the sac then nothing for what felt like 10 minutes (but was probably 2 seconds). When I saw that little flickering hearbeat I cried and felt my whole body relax for the first time since I got my BFP.

I still wouldn't say I'm confident about this pregnancy but I know that with #2 I went through that whole pregnancy afraid and trying not to attach because I didn't think he'd make it. Fear robbed me of that and I won't let it happen again. Today we are pregnant and there should be joy in that.

Good luck tomorrow

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I will keep everything crossed for you I know how you are feeling

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I hope everything went ok with your scan x

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