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Recurrent loss. Bleeding at 12 weeks


I'm 12+2 weeks pregnant after 2 healthy children and 3 miscarriages.
I noticed lots of blood on the toilet paper at 4:30am. Not too much blood but enough that I had to wipe a lot to get rid of it.
My husband and I had sex 2 nights ago so I'm wondering if it's from that but after 3 losses in a row last year ( two at 9 weeks and one at 5 weeks) I'm pretty pessimistic about it. I'm taking Lovenox blood thinner injections as well since I found out I was pregnant.

Has anyone had any experience like this? I have an appointment tomorrow but I'm so devistated that I don't know how I will get through the next 24 hours.😔

Thanks ❤

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Big hugs! I had bleeding like that at 9 weeks. It stopped quickly but it was bright red, I was so scared. I didn't have any cramps. I went to the hospital and they couldn't find the source of the bleeding. They said it probably came from my cervix and baby was fine.

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