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Recurrent miscarriage clinic cancelled

Hi Everyone,

We have been TTC #3 since Feb 2016. After a chemical and 3 losses between 6 and 7 weeks I was referred to the recurrent miscarriage clinic about four months ago.

I am now 15 weeks pregnant - had 3 scans so far and all seems ok. I got a letter today telling me that my referral has been cancelled because of this. Am I right to feel a bit annoyed about this? My current pregnancy is still far from succesful and I wonder if the results of any of the investigations they might perform could impact on my pregnancy. Presumeably if I lose this baby I have to go back to the end of the waiting list - I'm 36 and time is ticking away.

Does anybody else have any experience of this or advice - I'm wondering if I should contact the clinic and ask that I be seen.

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Hi, I've no direct experience of recurrent referrals but one of my friends also had her recurrent miscarriage referral cancelled after getting passed twelve weeks so I think it might be what happens.

2nd tri losses are treated very differently to first tri losses. I lost my baby at 19 weeks nearly two weeks ago and the hospital have taken lots of bloods from me to test for thyroid, genetics, clotting and various other disorders. They've also taken swabs and urine and the placenta has also gone for tests. We could've had a post mortem on the baby too. so I don't think you're necessarily losing out by having the referral cancelled.

Hope this helps and I hope I haven't worded it too clumsily, my mind is all over the place.

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They do standard tests like thyroid, clotting and I think that's it. Mine came back clear so had no idea why I had the losses.

Also, I don't think they can do some of the tests while you are pregnant - i had to wait a certain number of weeks after the miscarriage to have them.

And also, I don't think the thyroid and clotting etc would be an issue now as you are well into the second trimester

The NHS treats me as a normal pregnancy and I had zero extra care despite recurrent losses. Hope all goes well for you now.

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I’m in Australia, so things might be slightly different here.. I had 3 MC’s, got pregnant again, and when it was early days I was referred to a clinic at the hospital near me that handles recurrent losses and second/third trimester losses. I was fortunate to get seen quickly through them - I think my first appointment was around the 7 week mark of this pregnancy. They monitored this pregnancy right up to 12 weeks, and then moved me across into the ordinary care part of the hospital. They didn’t do any special testing (as I think like Sweetkat has said, some tests are more accurate when you’re not pregnant), they just monitored our baby’s growth, and checked it all looked good/healthy at 12/13 weeks.
If I had had another MC, then they were going to do more testing, and look further into things.

Given you’re 15 weeks, it sounds like it probably is standard practice that they wouldn’t see you, as they usually feel the pregnancy has a much greater chance of being successful past the first trimester (even though, for us, it still feels scary and we worry about what could possibly happen).
I can definitely appreciate your disappointment.. as it is nice being able to touch base with them, and feel like you’ve got that support if something was to happen.

Hopefully this pregnancy will continue to go well, and you won’t be needing to rebook in with them at all!!

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With my last mc the rmc consultant told me that if I were to get pg again that the cuts to the budgets would mean I would only get one scan pre 12 weeks and they would only be able to prescribe medicine for things tests had shown I needed. Whereas previously I was automatically prescribed progesterone and heparin and had scans every other week til 12 then every 4 weeks. Unfortunately I think it may be linked to that. With my rainbow they wanted to stop seeing me at certain points and I wasn't happy at any stage to do that.

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